Ignite your career


At Inkling, we have worked with over 15,000 women around the world. We have interviewed, coached and collaborated with you and you have told us three things:

You want more confidence. Numerous studies, including research from leading research firms, identify that women face challenges at work that directly impact confidence levels. We are listening to the women of Australia; you tell us that you:

  • struggle with self-doubt and self-belief,
  • want to back yourself and your decisions,
  • desire to speak your mind in meetings and presentations – and do it with excellence and ease,
  • want to care less what others think, and
  • are ready to go for your dreams – and stop holding yourself back.

You are ready for growth and challenge. You are ready to give more, grow more, challenge yourself, and want to step up. You want to know how to use your strengths in service of others and the world. 

You want career clarity. You want to be clear about where you are headed – what the next steps, actions and milestones are. You want to see possible pathways and work in an environment you love.

If you are reading this right now and it speaks to you, then consider that it might be the right time to listen to that quiet voice inside you and join us for Ignite.