vashti whitfield

Senior Facilitator and Executive Coach

Vashti Whitfield is a highly sought-after senior facilitator, executive coach and leadership mentor who combines her vast professional experience with her exceptional training in the area of resilience. Vashti is known internationally as a specialist in harnessing human potential and for passionately and effectively facilitating leadership advancement.

Over the past 20 years, she has collaborated and consulted with multi-national organisations and top-tier leaders around the world to help co-create, navigate and maintain sustainable, performance- based results. Vashti is as entertaining as she is experienced and has been described as being like a 'mind samurai', who is able to trim back the fear and uncover the potential waiting to be unlocked!

Vashti lives and works authentically, driven by her passion to provoke, inspire and facilitate the transformation and development of human potential through her legacy-focused leadership.

Her unparalleled knowledge and understanding of coaching, is anchored in over fifteen years of experience, designing, delivering and training ICF aligned coach specific training programs. She has coached, trained and mentored thousands of individuals and has run multiple in house coaching certification programs. The results of which have helped to transform the culture of the organisation to one based around learning and empowerment.

Vashti has used her extensive professional experience, coupled with her own extraordinary personal journey of tragic loss, to inspire her largely female global audience of millions. Drawing on her own challenges and triumphs, she leads fearlessly, transparently, and often hilariously, by example.

Vashti has an unmatched talent for quickly and intuitively understanding the influences, paradigms and dynamics that occur for both individuals and also the collectives they inhabit. Her clients are consistently able to recognise their contributions and potential as tangible, exciting realities evolving around them in their lives and workplaces.

Vashti has worked as a coaching associate and senior facilitator to a number of world class, globally- recognised performance consultants around the world. She is also a fellow and faculty member with The School of Life.

From CEOs to entry level, next generation female leaders, Vashti’s unique and gender equitable approach is empowering effective and impactful.

Vashti is also a published author, an international speaker and presenter, and has been widely profiled and interviewed in a variety of major international television, radio, print and digital media.

“Vashti will inspire and support you to not only change your life, but more importantly the way you THINK about your life. She inspired, delighted and rocket-launched me into wanting more out of my career and yet at the same time, taught me to have more gratitude for all that I have”

“If you want someone who inspires you to view challenge as an adventure, who will guide you to think in a way that utilises your mind as your best ally and who will swim beside you as you challenge yourself to dive deeper into learning how to think, be and live in a way that hones your potential, then Vashti is someone you should work with!”

“ I am now the woman, leader and unashamed learner that I always knew I could be! Vashti has a unique facilitation style, that stretches you to think, explore and action, far beyond what you had originally thought possible. Vashti imbues you with the confidence and self-belief to chase big hairy audacious goals, that are worthy of your new found potential.”