“From the first meeting with Sophie and Gemma, I could tell that Inkling Women were passionate about making a difference in gender diversity and the professional and personal development of women leaders.  In 2014 AGL witnessed the positive change in the women leaders that participated in our “Illuminate” program.  Many of these participants successfully moved into more senior and larger leadership roles and today continue to deliver significant benefits to the organisation.  In our most recent 2016 programs we have again witnessed this same positive change across the participants.  The introduction of 2 specific programs has allowed us to provide valuable development for our high talent women leaders with targeted development for our senior women leaders.”

Karen Whittaker, Head of OD, Diversity & P&C Transformation - AGL




"Working with Inkling Women has not only been energising and exciting for our organisation, their solutions have directly impacted both our corporate challenges and grown the capability of our future women leaders. Their approach is open, flexible, honest and challenging. We easily worked through the needs of the organisation, identified the right solutions for our culture and allowed the program to grow through the feedback of the participants and the needs of the organisation at the time. Their ability to clarify what success meant for our organisation and the individuals they would be developing allowed us to monitor and review the success of the solutions we put in place. The results spoke for themselves. Every measurable had a significant improvement. The energy from the individuals the Inkling Team touches is infectious throughout the organisation and a true testament to the passion, professionalism and drive they bring to the table.”

Amy Hendry, Senior Manager, Employee Connectedness - Bendigo and Adelaide Bank


8 week online Program

“Partnering with the team from Inkling Women was the most FUN I’ve ever had at work! With women based in rural and remote areas, some working night shift, our challenge was to build a program that would reach everyone and connect them so they would have a strong network once they finished the program.  We wanted this program to build the participants’ skills, confidence and resilience and provide the tools and resources to empower them to build the life and career they want.Together with Inkling Women, we designed a program combining short film, personal journal activities, intimate mentoring groups and a private online space for everyone to remain connected after the program.  The Inkling team were amazing.  It’s not often you meet a group of professionals who are so passionate and energised by what they do and driven to deliver.”

Sharon Carroll, Diversity & Inclusion Partner - Australia Post

Ignite - feedback and highlights

“Loved the feel of the 2 days, relaxed, great information and felt safe. Easy to listen to and understand. This has changed how I see myself and the direction I am heading in.” 

“The Ignite workshop was simply amazing. I found clarity amidst my own insecurities as a new leader, and support from a group of women going through similar experiences. Being able to identify my strengths and work through exercises to apply these strengths as a group was an incredibly motivating experience.” 

“This two day workshop was a fantastic experience for me and my group. I learned a lot about myself, but also about the other women from my company - some of whom I hadn't met before. It was wonderful to learn alongside my peers (and seniors!), and to build trust with one another. Thank you for a great workshop!” 

“I absolutely loved Ignite. I have been to a similar program before, but this was a lot more intimate, deep and focused on improving ourselves before improving the business (although one comes with the other). The timing was great as well, as I was feeling very insecure when I started the program, and got out of there feeling a lot more like myself.” 

Beyond Bias - feedback and highlights

Good discussion, well-informed by research covering meaty subjects with a high potential to add value.

The opportunity to reflect on my core values and where I’m at with them.

Discussing vulnerability and how it can be applied in the workplace, and how vulnerability can negate the blockers to whole hearted leadership.

Beyond Bias made me stop and think about the full breadth of leadership responsibilities and opportunities, appraising how well I do these and what I need to do better.

Discussion of how to show vulnerability in leadership

Group was fully engaged, insightful. Great learnings and lessons. 

Informative, right amount of information, great pace, brilliant facilitation.

Open discussion about experiences across AGL. 

We tend to focus on areas for development instead of leveraging our strengths, this has made me think about how I personally do this as well as help others to do this.