What is Speakeasy?

  • Speakeasy is our flagship public speaking workshop for women. It deals head-on with the fears that often hold people back from public speaking. We use evidence-based theories and techniques from the field of neuropsychology, plus our own techniques to help women conquer their nerves and speak with confidence and influence.
  • We create an exceptionally safe environment for our participants. The group feels comfortable being exactly who they are – faults, foibles, fears and all – and supported enough to lean into discomfort and transform their confidence and skill levels.
  • Speakeasy takes a strengths-based approach to public speaking. Participants uncover their natural strengths and develop a speaking style that is both effective and authentic.
  • Speakeasy provides multiple opportunities to practise techniques and to receive honest, caring, and constructive feedback.

Who is Speakeasy for?

Speakeasy is a public speaking workshop for women who would like to:

  • Increase their confidence
  • Move past negative self-talk
  • Develop an authentic presence
  • Get their message across clearly and succinctly
  • Engage any audience, whether it be 2 or 200 people – to the point where they’re hanging off every word
  • Stop the fear that arises when they think about public speaking
  • Actually look forward to speaking
  • Nail every speaking opportunity that comes their way - planned or unplanned. 

What will I learn?

At Speakeasy you will learn how to:

  • Shape your content
  • Hook your audience in
  • Perfect your opening
  • Keep the audience engaged
  • Use your voice to command
  • Use gestures without feeling awkward (yes, we’ll answer the question ‘what do I do with my hands?!’)

You will also have the opportunity to ask about the specific concerns and issues that impact your public speaking ability, such as: 

  • What to do when you’re interrupted
  • How to get heard in a room of busy people
  • How to best prepare for your presentations
  • How to insert yourself into the conversation
  • How to win over negative or cynical people

You will also develop strong and supportive connections with a  group of inspiring, like-minded women!

The results speak for themselves!

Before Speakeasy, participants rate their public speaking confidence and skills at an average of 2/10. After the workshop, the average jumps to 9/10 – in just two days.

100% of women who attend Speakeasy would recommend it to their friends and to other women in their organisation.

Are you struggling with confidence to speak up in group situations, like an office meeting or client presentation? 

Do you shudder and feel sick at the thought of public speaking?

Or, are you an experienced speaker with a lot of speaking experience already but would love some new skills and tools for your speaking toolbox?

In just two days, Speakeasy participants go from rating themselves at an average of 2 out of 10 in terms of confidence and skill to an average of 9 out of 10. Speakeasy generates HUGE results - quickly.

We have run Speakeasy with hundreds of women from all over the world, and with some of the world’s largest organisations. And we're running it publicly in 2018 for women just like YOU!

We receive unprompted emails from women who have done Speakeasy and credit the program for dramatically increasing their career success, self-belief, presence and overall happiness levels. 

    Untitled design-2.png


    Novotel London Canary Wharf

    25-26 September 2018

    9:30am - 4:30pm on both days

    Gemma Cunningham

    Ayers House - Adelaide.png


    Ayers House

    7-8 November 2018

    9:30am - 4:30pm on both days

    Gemma Cunningham

    Limit of 20 spots available!

    Untitled design.png


    Pier One Sydney Harbour

    20-21 November 2018

    09:30am - 4:30pm on both days

    Sophie Hampel

    Limit of 20 spots available!

    The Cullen - Melbourne.png


    The Cullen, Art Series

    27-28 November 2018

    09:30am - 4:30pm on both days

    Gemma Cunningham

    Limit of 20 spots available!

    “Firstly huge thank you for everything!  I’m still trying to find the right words to convey what a difference I think Speakeasy made for me and will continue to make.  I think the closest I can come is to say that there are remarkable people in this world whose life work echoes throughout time and creates powerful change in other people’s lives.  This is what Inkling Women does, and I am so hugely grateful to you.
    Thought I’d share that I presented to the staff body this Wednesday gone and guess what? The earth didn’t spin off its axis!  I didn’t pass out or vomit!  Go me!!!!! In fact it was so very well received.  I’ve received some lovely feedback with my CEO telling me twice what a great presentation it was. 
    The presentation was done in my words, with my heart and my soul rather than trying to fit a corporate mold. It all worked so well. 
    Thank you again. Speakeasy was an absolute joy.” Brisbane participant, QLD
    “If you’re looking to make a real change; to grow and develop then Speakeasy will provide you with that opportunity. I loved every minute of the program. It was unique, it makes you look inside yourself to find your strengths, however deep they are hidden”. Marney, Nissan
    “I was in tears before the workshop because I was overwhelmed by my lack of confidence. Today when I presented I felt confident and ready to present!!! The last two days have been fabulous! It was an amazing experience and I am really excited to continue to practice all of the skills we have learnt. I hope that I will get the opportunity to be involved in more of Inkling Women’s programs in the future. Thank you”. Ellen, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
    “What a refreshing and different approach to a public speaking program. Lots of fun, laughter and interaction and interaction, more importantly so much learning and great strategies to ensure you nail that next presentation. Speakeasy is life-changing for women in business. Thank you, Inkling Women!” Lisa, Alcon
    “Speakeasy was quite the ride! It was incredibly engaging, confronting and exhilarating. Let’s not forget scary at times but the facilitation, flow and prowess from Inkling Women got us all to an incredible place. What an improvement in just two days. Let’s get out there and practise! Show ‘em what we’ve got! Thank you. How lucky we are to have been part of this awesome course”. Rebecca, Westpac
    “Wow! What an amazing 2 days! I entered a room full of passionate but nervous women, but left a room of passionate, articulate, committed and confident women! Wow!” Sara, SA Power Networks
    “This is the best presentation skills program I’ve ever been on. Inkling women encouraged all participants to be best versions of themselves. I feel 100% more confident in presenting going forward”. Lori, Medibank
    “I have a newfound confidence, greeting presentation opportunities with enthusiasm rather than being gripped with a sense of anxiety and fear. The program was well designed, involving elements of coaching, peer feedback which I found extremely helpful, and understanding the foundations of neuropsychology to really appreciate how the fears that I had been holding on to were holding me and not allowing me to fulfill my true potential. I experienced a shift in mindset within the first two hours of the course, quite literally.” Emma, World Vision
    “I am writing to thank you for having a positive impact on my life in so many ways. I attended the Speakeasy program in Sydney earlier this year.  Since then I have done two major public speaking stints, one of which was on Monday in the Gold Coast delivering a presentation on our business to a conference attended by lawyers, bankers and accountants.  I confidently delivered the presentation and felt comfortable on stage. I had some positive feedback from conference participants and I am so thrilled that I did not go red in the face, perspire and speak with a shaky voice like I used to in the past!
    There were things that I learnt in the course that have helped me in my daily business dealings such as how to read body language and how to conduct myself in meetings.
    I also look forward to your weekly Inkling TV episodes which are full of great advice and help keep me on track, make me realise I am not alone in my feelings and give me tips on how to improve myself and reduce stress levels.
    Inkling Women came along at exactly the right time in my life. I was in need of advice on how to make my life more enjoyable and was in desperate need of a boost in my confidence. So thank you!  You are amazing and I am sure you have helped many others along the way.” Melissa, small business owner