Our flagship two-day public speaking course that has taught thousands of women around the world to look forward to speaking– and given them the skills to nail every speaking opportunity.

  • Before the workshop, participants rate their confidence and skills in speaking at an average of 2/10. After the workshop, the average jumps to 9/10 – in just two days.
  • We receive unprompted emails every week thanking us for allowing them to move past the fear of speaking, discover their natural speaking strengths and actually get excited when they think about speaking in public.
  • The average participant rating of the effectiveness of Speakeasy is 4.9/5
  • 100% of women who attend Speakeasy would recommend it to their friends and to other women in their organisation.

Speakeasy is our flagship two-day public speaking workshop focussed on empowering women to speak with confidence, excellence and ease – whether to 2 or 200 people. Speakeasy is a dynamic, engaging, action-oriented and feedback-driven course that totally transforms participants, allowing them to fulfil their potential as speakers.

We incorporate pre- and post-workshop assessments into the course in order to effectively measure its impact. Our participants regularly move from a rating themselves at one or two out of ten, to an eight or nine out of ten in fewer than 36 hours. By the end, our participants are, without fail, great speakers who actually look forward to speaking opportunities.

We have had thousands of women complete our Speakeasy program from Adelaide to London to San Francisco. By the end of the workshop, participants have learned to:

  • Overcome their fears around speaking
  • Understand and use their natural strengths as speakers
  • Deliver an exceptional opening
  • Know what to do with their hands – and bodies!
  • Develop an authentic and effective style
  • Shape their content effectively so it hooks the audience from the very start
  • Speak with confidence and enjoy public speaking
  • Engage with their audience
  • See a vast improvement in confidence and speaking skills

There are four reasons for Speakeasy’s success rate:

  • Speakeasy deals head-on with participants’ fears of speaking. We use evidence-based theories and techniques from the field of neuropsychology, plus our own techniques to conquer nerves.
  • Most participants tell us that their fears of speaking literally disappear in the first two hours of day one. We create an exceptionally safe environment for our participants. The group feels comfortable being exactly who they are – faults, foibles, fears and all – and supported enough to lean into discomfort and transform their confidence and skill levels.
  • We also take a strengths-based approach to speaking. Participants uncover their natural strengths and develop a speaking style that is both effective and authentic.
  • Speakeasy provides multiple opportunities to practise each technique taught, then receive feedback and one-on-one coaching – and then practise all over again!

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