Sophie Hampel

CEO & Director

Sophie Hampel is Inkling Women’s new CEO and is dually responsible for ensuring our in-organisation programs achieve world-class outcomes, both for the individual women involved and the organisation as a whole. Sophie works with top organisational across Australia to increase their representation of women in leadership roles and to create cultures where both women and men can flourish.

Sophie is tremendously sought after as a coach and a facilitator because of her ability to challenge women to be their very best within a safe and warm environment. She is expert in working with leaders to maximise their success and overcome fears and limiting beliefs so they are able to achieve outstanding results and live life to the fullest.

Sophie is a registered psychologist with a Masters in Organisational Psychology, and is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Adelaide.

Sophie deeply understands how to enhance motivation, engagement and performance in work and life.

Women who work with Sophie say they felt inspired, motivated and supported by her, whether it be in a workshop, coaching or speaking engagement. In a recent leadership program 50% of participants gained a promotion or a stretch opportunity within the ten months of the program. A number of these women indicated Sophie’s support had been life changing for them.

Sophie is an avid yogi, runner and board games enthusiast. She makes a mean risotto, can whip up a lemon cheesecake before you can say dessert and she is often dubbed the salad queen by her friends. Her parents knew she was destined for leadership when at age two she convinced all the kids at kindergarten to throw their nappies in the tree (albeit not the prettiest outcome from her first leadership success).

What do I love most about working at Inkling?
I love seeing the lightbulb moments for women, when they realise how amazingly talented and powerful they are and then go out into the world and use their confidence to make a difference.
I love seeing the support that women provide one another.
I love getting to meet hundreds of women every month and be inspired by them, their journey and their courage.
I love that we challenge the world to be a better place.
I love that I get to be my daggy self every day, maximum volume 100% me.

If you are looking for engaging, entertaining and expert speakers in women in leadership and gender diversity, our CEO, Founder and Coaches speak at events worldwide — to critical acclaim:

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