Play big in the world


Are you in a rut at work and looking for more career direction?

Maybe you have big dreams that you want to achieve, but you feel like the "business of life" has got in the way?

Or perhaps you're watching everyone else make great things happen and you're still wondering where you can make your big impact?


And I've got something to share with you...

PlayBIG is a highly engaging half-day workshop that has been designed with women like you in mind. This workshop will provide you with life-changing tools and techniques to help you find great enjoyment and immense success in your life and career without compromising on what is important to you.

Imagine if you could...

  • Overcome your fear of vulnerability and failure

  • Know your purpose, and uncover my dreams
  • Create space in your life to do the things that thrill you, in home and work life
  • Uncover your strengths and develop a plan to use them better

Imagine no further, playBIG will make that a reality!

Who am I?


I'm Sophie, the CEO of Inkling Women, a soul explorer, and women's leadership coach and facilitator. I want to personally thank you for taking a massive step in your strengths and career journey. Having worked with thousands of women across Australia, I understand the challenges that women face and how to overcome them. As a registered psychologist with a Masters in Organisational Psychology, I deeply understand how to enhance motivation, engagement and performance in work and life.

Inkling Women, we have now worked with over 10,000 women all over the world. And we keep hearing from women who are having similar experiences. For instance:

  • They have spent their twenties and thirties chasing the goals they think they should chase (rather than the ones they really want).
  • Or they are pursuing what we like to call Piddly Inoffensive Goals (PIG) instead of Giant Outrageous Liberating Dreams (GOLD).
  • Or they are not fulfilling their true potential to play big at work because they doubt their ability or capacity to lead. 

And that's why we created playBIG; to tackle these barriers that are preventing women from experiencing great joy and satisfaction in their lives!

What to expect

You will leave the workshop with:

1.     Goals that thrill you

2.     A plan for how you’re going to achieve them

3.     Methods to stop holding yourself back from reaching your full potential

4.     Tools to help you become an essentialist

5.     A career plan that ensures HUGE success

6.     A strategy for how to approach your life and goals without compromising your happiness and wellbeing.

“Do what you love and love what you do”. As a mother, partner and full time professional I feel it is important to always keep this mantra close to your heart and laptop. Thanks to Inkling Women for providing some effective tools to make me think, strategise, find purpose and enjoy my everyday!
— Antoinette Yerbury | AP Eagers

The bottom line!

No matter your situation, we'd love to help you play big in the world - what ever that means to you, and without compromising on your sense of calm, joy and balance.

YES, I'm ready to be a HUGE success!

What women say about our programs

Thank you for an inspiring, confronting, motivating, insightful and life changing course. I was very much looking forward to being involved and I got much, much more than I anticipated. Your professionalism, sparkly-ness, experience, knowledge, compassion, flexibility and overall awesomeness provided a very rewarding learning experience, a network of fabulous women and many tools and resources to help on my development journey. - Verity Ingham | Executive Officer | Dairy SA

I didn’t realise how much I needed to participate in this program, it has honestly changed my life. The team running the modules and coaching are outstanding. The amount I have learnt and tips I’ve collated will be providing me with growth and development for years to come. - Senior leader | GO8 University

Words cannot express how grateful I am at the opportunity that this program has provided me. I am 100% certain that I have left this program more capable, more confident and a more resilient leader. This program is not a typical leadership program that deals with surface issues; instead it pushes you to really examine what is preventing you from being in senior leadership positions and then provides clear practical solutions on how to get there. - Adrijana Asceric | Accreditation Manager | The University of Adelaide

I found this workshop eye-opening and empowering. The confidence I thought I had was nothing compared with the confidence I have now. - Adelaide participant

I have far more confidence in my own ability as a leader and a compelling desire to support other women to further build their confidence and back themselves. - Kylie Webb, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

I feel that working with Inkling Women definitely boosted my confidence in all areas personal as well as professional. I feel that I have learnt many great tools that will not only benefit myself in my future career but will also help me to inspire others as well. I learnt a lot about the sort of leader that I want be and how I can utilise my own strengths to do this. - Fiona Walker | AP Eagers

It has honestly changed for life forever and I am now a better, more confident because of this course. I want to say a massive thank you to the Inkling Women for the opportunity to complete this course, you're an inspiration and I would love to get into the line of work you do one day! - Lauren Fawcitt | Australia Post

It was an incredible experience to learn so much about myself that I wasn't aware of. Continually being placed out of my comfort zone yet in a supportive environment was both terrifying and exhilarating! Thank you Inkling Women for sharing your knowledge and experiences so that great women can become inspiring women! - Donette MacCallum | AGL