Our Team

Inkling Women is driven by an extraordinary team, with a mission to exceed your expectations at every turn. 
Meet us all here...

Dr Gemma Munro

CVO, Founder, Director

Sophie Hampel

CEO, Director

Kelly Segat

Head of Programs and Partnerships

Vashti Whitfield

Senior Facilitator & Executive Coach

Gemma Cunningham

Senior Facilitator & Coach

Carol Schmidt

Facilitator & Coach

Julie Lines

Facilitator & Coach

Helen Storckmeijer

Facilitator & Coach

Prue Belej

Program Manager

Kelly Graham-Sutton

Program Manager

Brylee McFarlane

Marketing & Partnerships Manager

Georgina Gladigau

Partnerships & Program Support




Lauren Byleveld

Project Manager

Katrina Cole

Brand & Marketing Manager

Libby Morrish

Finance Manager

Sarah Gibbins

Partnerships Manager

Megan Down

Event Manager

Andrea Lejbik

Office Manager