Our story

Our current Director and CVO, Dr Gemma Munro, founded Inkling Women in 2011. A management consultant at the time, Gemma kept hearing the same thing from women in coaching sessions:

"I look at the women at the top of my organisation. And I see success, yes. But I don’t see authenticity, balance or fun. I’m going to stay where I am in the organisation – I don’t think leadership is for me."

Gemma was determined to change this. She knew that women in leadership roles could experience balance, be their authentic selves (in fact this makes them better leaders!), and that leadership doesn't have to feel like a burden. And so she founded Inkling Women with the dream of helping women to create extraordinary lives and careers. She was determined to be a one-woman business, with perhaps a wonderful PA to assist her.

Seven years later, Inkling Women is a very different beast than the business Gemma envisaged. With a vibrant and utterly fabulous team, we have trained women on every continent excepting Antarctica, and we count some of the largest organisations in the world as our clients.

In 2017 we opened our first office in Sydney, and our head office is still in lovely Adelaide (we call it ‘the little city that can’). We believe that gender diversity is the silver bullet to organisational performance, and the research backs us up. Study after study shows that businesses with larger percentages of women in leadership roles boast significantly higher profitability, market share, innovation, ROI, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

We are proud to be making a difference to organisations and the women who work in them. We believe the world will be better as the result of the work we are doing. We are passionate about our work. If you ever become a client, it’s most likely the first thing you’ll notice about us.