Kelly graham-sutton

Program Manager

Kelly is one of Inkling’s superstar Program Managers. Using her exceptional organisational skills, arranger and activator strengths Kelly ensures outstanding delivery of our women's leadership programs, so that both our clients and participants are ecstatic with the results.

With a background in management consulting, training and education, Kelly’s personable and outcome-focused approach allows her to build trust quickly. She uses her management and consulting experience to solve complex problems and action tasks efficiently and effectively, with passion and warmth.

Kelly has learned through her own personal development journey that in order to be a world-class leader, first we must learn to lead ourselves. She is obsessed with learning and personal development – you’ll often find her listening to a good podcast, reading Success articles and setting goals! She is passionate about helping others identify their strengths, breakthrough their mental blocks and uncover their full potential so they can step into their true leadership identity.

When Kelly isn’t working alongside our clients to deliver extraordinary outcomes, you’ll find her enjoying a glass of wine (red please!) and engaging in deep conversation with good company.