our programs


Program (9 months)

Elevate is your highly successful in-person leadership program for up to 20 high potential women. Its results are unmatched – in fact, our clients have lifted their women in leadership targets as a direct result of Elevate.


Workshop (2 hours)

Our intensive workshop for leaders to develop a committed culture of gender equity from the top down. Our world-class facilitators help your leaders to GET gender diversity. We give them the motivation and skills to talk about it, call out inappropriate behaviours, and create truly inclusive teams.


Program (2 days)

Our flagship two-day public speaking course that has taught thousands of women around the world to look forward to speaking – and given them the skills to nail every speaking opportunity.


Program (2 days)

Ignite is our program for emerging female leaders who want to lead with success, impact and spark. Ignite inspires women early in their leadership journey and sets them on a pathway for extraordinary and sustained success and fulfilment.

If your current budget doesn’t allow for an in-house program, or you’d like to ‘try before you buy’, you can send employees to our public programs.

We run Ignite and Speakeasy with small groups of women around Australia.