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Are you early in your leadership journey and looking to create a pathway for extraordinary and sustained success and fulfilment? 

Are you an emerging female leader who wants to lead with success, impact and spark?

Inkling Women understand the challenges that new leaders face, we've done the research and know that many new and emerging leaders have no clear leadership plan, have little or less than desired confidence to lead, and are not aware of their own personal leadership styles. Many desire roles with influence and want to reach the highest levels of personal excellence - but just don't know how and feel they don't have the skills to do so.

That is why we developed the Ignite program!

Women who attend tell us that Ignite not only transformed their success, impact and spark at work, but also changed the way they approach life in general. Participants tell us they are more confident, resilient and comfortable in their own skin.

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Hotel CBD, Merivale

3 & 4 April 2018
4 & 5 September 2018

09:30am - 4:30pm on both days

Vashti Whitfield

Limit of 20 spots available!

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Ayers House

10 & 11 April 2018
11 & 12 September 2018

9:30am - 4:30pm on both days

Carol Schmidt

Limit of 20 spots available!

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The Cullen, Art Series

25 & 26 September 2018

9:30am - 4:30pm on both days

Gemma Cunningham

Limit of 20 spots available!

Across Australia our Ignite program receives an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 from participants.

“Life-changing is a phrase that is often used, however in this case it is 100% applicable. The Ignite program delivers exactly what it promises - I felt lit up from the inside with deep insights into what is uniquely mine to contribute out into the world, and illuminated about what has been holding me back. I am deeply grateful to Sophie our facilitator who is a gorgeous mix of truth and heart, and to the amazing women I shared this experience with. If you are ready to shine bright and be a beacon for others to follow, this course gives you the tools to go for it.” Tess, AJG
“This course, Ignite, has made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and inspired to be the person I am, me. Thank you” Amber Gunther, NSW

What will the Ignite program provide me?

Ignite will help you set your career alight in three key areas:

  • Fuel your success – so that you can work toward a career and leadership style that is authentic, meaningful and energising
  • Increase your leadership impact – so you can influence and persuade others to achieve excellent outcomes, and become an invaluable leading voice within your organisation
  • Maintain your spark – so that you can experience energy, balance and resilience, particularly when the going gets tough

Absolutely everything you want to know about Ignite is provided below, including the course outline, cost, and your facilitator.

How does the program work?

Ignite incorporates a two-day workshop, leadership diagnostics to better understand your strengths and leadership style and group coaching provided by our outstanding Inkling Women coaches.

Who is it for?

Ignite is for is for emerging women leaders who are either seeking or have recently stepped into a leadership role and want to soar to the highest levels of personal excellence.

Ignite is not just for leaders who manage people. We think of emerging leaders as women who either have or desire roles with influence – roles that are of importance to their organisation.

Ignite is for women who are excited about the next stage of their career and want deep and transformational growth. Ignite will stretch you (sometimes beyond your comfort zone) to help you see real and sustained results.

Ignite is not for women interested in attending a Leadership 101 course, where you can sit up the back of the room while a facilitator runs through hundreds of powerpoint slides. Ignite will have you engaged at all times, either learning skills and putting them into practice, or providing you time for deep reflection. Each activity will help you to face your fears and move you closer to being the best leader (and person) you can be.

“I knew from colleagues that this was going to test me. And it sure did! But this course isn’t about lightly skimming the surface. It’s about facing your fears in order to understand them, but not let that stop you from really achieving what you want out of life – personally and professional. Just bloody do it!” Nicola, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, WA
“Don't hesitate. Just sign up….like yesterday! I was unsure how much I'd learn, and whether I could/would want to lean in. In fact, it's impossible not to. Sophie is a fabulous facilitator. The material is genuinely good, no, make that excellent! It's very easily applicable to any situation. You will laugh, you will cry and most importantly of all, you will grow. Thank you for an amazing two days!” Adelaide participant, SA

What is included in Ignite?

Ignite is a comprehensive leadership development program that runs over a three month period and includes:

  • Two leadership diagnostics:
    • StrengthsFinder2.0 to identify your top five strengths
    • Ignite 360° to receive feedback from your colleagues on your performance against key leadership capabilities
  • One two-day workshop where you will learn to:
    • Fuel your success
    • Increase your impact
    • Maintain your spark
  • Pre-work to help you reflect on your strengths, leadership style and career goals. By the end of Ignite you will have developed a career action plan to guide your focus for the next 12 months
  • A two-hour group coaching session run by the facilitator of Ignite. This occurs after the workshop to help you embed your learnings
  • Lifetime membership to Inkling Women’s alumni, a community of successful, like-minded women committed to getting the best from life and work, and giving their best back


The Ignite program is outlined below.


By the end of Ignite you will have:

  • Dramatically increased confidence in your skills and abilities in the workplace, with a determination to seek and create opportunities to fulfil your career
  • Improved skills in influencing and resilience resulting in improved performance, productivity and enjoyment
  • Defined leadership style resulting in greater effectiveness and authenticity as a leader
  • Career clarity, captured in an action plan to manage your career objectives and challenges
  • Awareness of your barriers and how to manage these to achieve career success and enjoyment

“Ignite is a powerful two day immersion into who you are and what strengths empower you, how you see yourself and how others see you. You are given the opportunity to grow the leader within. To nourish and guide your inner leader so that she achieves her potential. This is an experience that nourishes as well as coaches. It is nurturing, enormous fun and impactful. I highly recommend these two days. It is not just another leadership course; it is a transformative inspiration and thought-provoking course. Ignite is clever. It uses the values that we women embrace in order to create sustainable change.” Margi, Qld
“The Ignite program has reignited my spark. My thirst for better understanding myself so I can better connect with others to offer help. It has given me the freedom to ask for help and support, to delegate and trust. Inkling Women inspire unstoppable women. There is no better program or group out there for helping you identify and achieve your goals” Belinda James, Affinia, Qld