Ignite is a leadership workshop for women who want to lead with success, impact and spark. Ignite inspires women in their leadership journey and sets them on a pathway for extraordinary and sustained success and fulfilment.

  • Across Australia our Ignite program receives an average rating of 4.9/5 from participants.
  • Women who attend tell us that Ignite not only transformed their success, impact and spark at work, but also changed the way they approach life in general. Participants tell us they are more confident, resilient and comfortable in their own skin.
  • 100% of women who attend Ignite would recommend it to their friends and to other women in their organisation.

Ignite is designed to equip your women leaders with the know-how to navigate the invigorating, rewarding but often challenging world of leadership. Ignite ensures that your women leaders soar through their leadership journey with success, impact and spark.

Ignite focuses on the specific challenges that women face as they embark on their leadership journey.

The program will:

  • Fuel their success. Participants will work towards a career and leadership style that is authentic, meaningful and energising.
  • Increase their impact. Participants learn to influence and persuade others to achieve excellent outcomes, and become an invaluable leading voice within their organisation.
  • Maintain their spark. Participants will experience energy, balance and resilience, particularly when the going gets tough.

The program incorporates four key development components including a two-day leadership workshop, two leadership diagnostics, pre-workshop workbooks and group coaching. It provides:

  • Content that resonates. Our experience in coaching and developing thousands of women leaders – and best practice research on women’s leadership – has been tapped to develop the most impactful and energising content to support their leadership success.
  • Strategies that are practical and ensure success. The strategies we teach are demonstrated to increase courage, impact and energy. Our clients who have applied them achieved exceptional success as a result.
  • An environment that is safe and supportive. We create a space that supports participants to explore and shape the leader that they want to become. Participants can draw on our facilitators’ outstanding knowledge, as well as the wisdom of other women in the room.


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