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This impactful 8-week online coaching program has been designed specifically for women in frontline to middle management roles to gain the confidence, resilience and skills to achieve their full potential at work.

If you need a way to:

  • Increase your confidence, skills and resilience
  • Learn how to put your hand up for a promotion, stretch or speaking opportunity 
  • Develop an authentic presence
  • Increase your enjoyment, energy and engagement at work
  • Become a role model in the workplace
Hands up is highly engaging - so engaging that its completion rate is 11 time higher than industry standard

What can you expect?

Each week of the program, participants complete a series of activities outlined below.

The program draws on best-practice, evidence-based research and Inkling Women’s extensive experience as facilitators of high impact leadership programs for women globally.

Training videos

Each week, participants have access to engaging and in- depth training videos to support their learning. These include:

  • One topic video

  • Two to three tools and techniques videos with practical evidenced-based strategies and tools to embed the learning in the workplace


Each participant receives an online workbook, which will also be available for printing. The workbook poses questions for participants to reflect and commit to taking action. This allows the participants to monitor their progress and make the learning real for them each week. Some sections of the program include online assessment, to encourage engagement and completion.

Weekly online group coaching

Weekly one-hour group coaching sessions run by Dr Gemma Munro and Sophie Hampel from Inkling Women. They:

  • Include coaching of individuals live on the call

  • Provide opportunity to ask questions prior to and during the session

  • Are recorded and available to access following the session

    Participants are granted free access to coaching sessions for three months following the last week of the program.

Closed Facebook group

Participants have access to a private Facebook group. The group provides a safe space where participants network with and support each other. It is used to:

  • Post weekly home-play exercises

  • Discuss learnings and provide support and advice to one another

  • Encourage each other to build confidence, courage, resilience, authenticity and enjoyment

What's the schedule

Welcome: Gear Up
Prepare for the learning journey and get clear on how you want to utilise the opportunity

Week 1: Wake Up
Identify your drivers in order to build a life and career that maximises your potential. Use your drivers to set meaningful personal objectives for the program.

Week 2: Build Up
Identify your strengths in order to build up your success, fulfilment and self-belief at work. Learn to sell your natural talents to others.

Week 3: Open Up
Explore what is holding you back and learn tools and techniques to fuel your resilience and build mental toughness

Week 4: Catch Up
Catch up on anything you have missed and use the week to reflect deeply and embed your learnings

Week 5: Show Up 
Learn how to show up as your authentic self and implement new habits and behaviours that fuel courage and confidence in the workplace, without getting burnt out

Week 6: Speak Up
Learn how to present your best self in meetings and presentations. Increase your impact, influence and ability to create a lasting impression when you speak up.

Week 7: Catch Up
Catch up on anything you have missed and use the week to reflect deeply and embed your learnings

Week 8: Live it Up
Prepare to manage your career and develop strategies for roadblocks and making the change stick

Why it works

  • 90% completion rate (compared to 8% industry-wide completion rate of online training programs)
  • 90% of participants agree that the program had a positive impact on their career
  • 98% of participants’ managers agree that the program helped program gave them assertiveness and confidence to set boundaries
  • 97% of managers would recommend the program to other women in the business
  • 95% of managers report that the program provided participants with useful tools to lift their confidence and capability in their career
  • 92% of managers report that the program supported participants to make positive change in their lives and careers

We KNOW that most online training programs have next to no impact. The drop-out rate is high, and the results usually drop off within days.

We’ve done our homework and Hands Up is the result. Based on our experience running online programs with thousands of women on five continents, Hands Up gets results for women, their managers and the organisations in which they work.

The program ensures that women not only sit at the table but also contribute, resulting in more innovative, productive and profitable workplaces, and directly impacting the percentage of women at leadership level.


Group coaching calls are scheduled for one hour on Friday mornings at 9:30am AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne) / 8:30am AEST (Brisbane) / 8:30am ACST (Darwin) / 9:00am ACDT (Adelaide) / 6:30am AWST (Perth). Calls are recorded if attendance is not possible.