georgina Gladigau

Partnerships and Program Support

Georgie first came to Inkling Women in 2016 for a placement as part of her Masters in Organisational Psychology. During her time in the office she fell in love with everything Inkling – the women, the work, and the mission. Georgie is passionate about women's issues and gender diversity, so being part of an organisation that achieves real outcomes in this area is a source of great fulfilment for her. She loves that she can contribute to the empowerment of women to pursue their wildest dreams and thrive in their careers.

Compelled by her empathetic nature, Georgie creates harmony and is always eager to support those around her. She capitalises on her skills in writing, research, and planning to assist the Marketing and Engagement team to achieve amazing outcomes and broadcast Inkling's message to the world. She is admired by the team for her positive, 'can do' attitude and caring nature. She also has a wild laugh; if you've ever heard raucous laughter in the background of an Inkling phone call, there's a 99% chance it was her!

When not working, Georgie is a homebody; she enjoys nothing more than relaxing in bed with a good book, a gin and tonic, and her two cats for company. She is also currently working on her Masters thesis investigating men and women's experiences with flexible working arrangements.