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georgina Gladigau

Partnerships and Program Support

Georgie first came to Inkling for a student placement as part of her Masters in Organisational Psychology. During her time in the office she fell in love with everything Inkling – the women, the work, and the mission. She has long been passionate about women’s issues so being in a role where she can help them achieve their wildest dreams is a source of great fulfilment and joy.    

The diverse range of work that Georgie does at Inkling satiates her craving for variety and her love of learning. She capitalises on her strengths in communication, research, and organisation to assist the Programs and Partnerships teams to achieve amazing outcomes.

Georgie is an animal lover and has two mischievous cats who bring happiness and plenty of drama to her life. In her spare time, she loves to cook, read, and to write fiction. She has been a storyteller ever since she learnt to speak, and it is her dream to one day publish a novel. Having grown up on a farm she often misses the outdoors, so you can usually find her out enjoying nature and tending to her vegie garden and fruit trees.