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PlayBIG - Adelaide

  • Mount Lofty House 74 Mount Lofty Summit Road Crafers, SA, 5152 Australia (map)

Play Big in the world: increase your impact and success but not at the expense of calm, joy and balance.

Our new program for women leaders at any stage of their career.

We surveyed over 150 women last year, and the results astounded us.

  • 80% of the women we surveyed felt they had no clear career plan, and felt that this impacted how they felt about their career and career progression.
  • We know that 75% of you have dreams, but that you get caught up in the business of life, wishing you had more time and energy to get the stuff you want done.

Play BIG aims to help solve this problem.

This highly engaging half-day workshop has been designed with you in mind to generate significant results in your life and career. It will provide you with life-changing tools and techniques to help you find great enjoyment and immense success without compromising on what is important to you.

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We have now worked with over 10,000 women all over the world. And we keep hearing from women who are having similar experiences. For instance:

They have spent their twenties and thirties chasing OTHERS’ goals for them.

Or they are chasing what we like to call Piddly Inoffensive Goals (PIG) instead of Giant Outrageous Liberating Dreams (GOLD).

Or they are not fulfilling their true potential to play big at work because they doubt their ability or capacity to lead.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re living life behind a sheer curtain. Others can see us, but we’re not participating or leading as fully as we can. We’re sticking to what is safe because we don’t want to be noticed or judged, and we don’t want to fail.

There is a parable about a giant who locks his heart in a safe to avoid getting hurt. Many of us are doing this in our lives. We’re locking up our hearts, our true potential, our Giant Outrageous Liberating Dreams because putting them out there – playing big in the world – feels too scary and we feel too vulnerable.

What we don’t realise is that locking up our potential and dreams Is actually more painful in the long run. It feels horrible. It feels deadening. And many people experience regret at the end of their lives as a result.

There’s something else too. The world NEEDS more women to lead. We believe that the world will be a better place when 50% of the most important decisions are made by women. To do this, we need women to DREAM BIG, PLAY BIG and GET BIG STUFF DONE.

If you feel like you have been holding yourself back from your dreams and your full potential – or perhaps you’re not sure what your dreams are yet – we’d love to help you play big in the world … whatever that means to you.


* includes afternoon tea and 4 hour workshop
$350.00 AUD (ex GST)

Later Event: July 4
Speakeasy - Adelaide