How to move past triggers and hurt

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One of the things you realise quite quickly when you coach others for a living is that we are all nursing hurt of some variety. No matter how confident and calm we appear, we ALL have triggers that, when inadvertently pushed by others, result in us feeling tender, or sad, or defensive, or even angry. (Anyone else ever worked or lived with someone who loses their temper, seemingly out of nowhere? It’s a sure sign that a trigger has been pushed).

Understandably, most people don’t want to examine their triggers. Why would we?? They HURT!! But what I have learned is that, when you take the time to understand where they come from and why they’re there, not only do our trigger points diminish, but we can use them to create a powerful new story for ourselves.

In this week’s InklingTV I share with you a technique I learned and used recently to do exactly this. Watch below, and then grab the worksheet I’ve created to put this in action for yourself.

Of course, the topic of triggers can be ... well ... triggering! Feel free to ask a Q via our social media, and I will make sure I respond as soon as I can.

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Dr Gemma Munro
Founder & CVO, Inkling Women

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