The Best Advice from 26 Successful Aussie Entrepreneurs

As published by Business Insider Australia on 7 June 2014. Written by Sarah Kimmorley.

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Running a small business can be hard yakka.

It takes grit, determination and the understanding that success does not magically happen over night.

And who better would understand this than those who have experienced it — and succeeded.

Business Insider spoke to successful Australian entrepreneurs to find out the advice they have to help others on the journey of growing and developing a small business into a booming enterprise.

Our contributing entrepreneurs come from a range of industries and have wise words to help you steer your small business in the right direction.

Here is what they said:

Gemma Munro, Managing Director of Inkling Women:

 Gemma Munro

Gemma Munro

I have two pieces of advice for business owners. First, well-roundedness is entirely overrated. So many people make business decisions based on filling gaps in their resumes. Instead, find out what it is you love to do and do it as much as humanly possible. This is how we achieve our full potential – by focusing on our strengths and utilising them as much as possible, never by fixing our weaknesses. When you base your business around your strengths you never have to worry about your competitors – you’ll outstrip them by miles.

Second, seek and listen openly to others’ advice, but only take the advice on board if it feels right to you. Others will mean well and absolutely have your best interests at heart, but will give advice based on their experience, their hopes and their fears. You know your business better than anyone else – trust your instincts.