Our intensive workshop for leaders to develop a committed culture of gender equity from the top down. Our world-class facilitators help your leaders to GET gender diversity. We give them the motivation and skills to talk about it, call out inappropriate behaviours, and create truly inclusive teams. Key results that Beyond Bias delivers:

  • 100% of participants understand the business case for making gender equity a key strategic priority
  • 100% of participants have taken action to build diversity and inclusion as a result of the session
  • Our facilitation and expertise are rated at an average of 4.9/5.

The most fundamental success criteria to achieving gender diversity is a leadership team who sponsor and lead the way.

This workshop focuses on the business outcomes and success that gender diversity creates, as well as practical tips for leaders in driving a culture of gender diversity.

We have helped global and national executive teams to create an environment in which both men and women can flourish. We are known for our combination of warmth, and frank and fearless feedback, and making sustained and measurable change at the leadership level.


  • Creates clarity on the business case for gender diversity
  • Increases understanding of what is holding your organisation back from achieving true diversity
  • Builds awareness of and skills in the key steps to overcoming these barriers
  • Builds skills in inclusive leadership, as well as an understanding of what inclusive leaders do differently and where the team and each individual needs to improve
  • Garners agreement on a clear action plan of commitments and behaviours needed at leadership level going forward


  • Increased capability of your senior leaders to drive a culture of gender diversity
  • Strong understanding of the key benefits of a gender diverse workforce

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