Andrea Lejbik 

Office Manager

As Inkling Women’s Office Manager, Andrea brings 20 years of experience in office and procurement management, as well as finance and executive support to the team. Her blend of strategic and achiever strengths ensure that the Adelaide office runs exceptionally smoothly. She is a presenter of solutions and a logical thinker who gets things done, and to a high standard. Andrea is admired among the team for her strong work ethic, authentic empathy and relentlessly positive attitude. She loves being a part of Inkling because she is passionate about our mission to change the world by making gender diversity a reality. 

In her spare time, Andrea loves all kinds of outdoor activities, including caravaning around the country with her family, four-wheel driving, and kayaking. When not out and about, you'll find her enjoying biographies, historical and other documentaries, and engaging in introspective activities in her pursuit of increased self-awareness and understanding.