Our highly acclaimed programs deliver results which are second to none: 50% of women who work with us are promoted within 6 months.

who is inkling women?

If you’re reading this, our bet is that you already know the benefits of workplace gender diversity inside out and back to front. But just in case, here’s a scintillating summary: organisations with a larger percentage of women in senior leadership achieve better outcomes, attract better talent, reduce turnover, improve access to target markets, minimise risk (both legal and financial) and enhance their industry reputation.  Gender diversity makes good business sense. (You can download our latest white paper for more juicy facts, figures, research and data.)

What about us? Who are we and what do we stand for?

Inkling Women is driven by a belief that the world will be a much better place once 50% of the most important decisions are made by women. Our mission, therefore, is to ensure that 50% of leadership positions worldwide are held by women.

We work with organisations to rapidly lift the percentage of women at leadership level. We run critically acclaimed programs which inspire your female employees to step up, speak up and lead. We also help your people leaders to GET gender diversity: to talk about it, call out behaviour, and OWN it. Then we give them the self awareness and skills needed to create truly inclusive teams.

We know ROI is critical

There are many businesses out there capitalising on the push for more women in leadership roles. We also know that passionate people like you invest a total of $10 billion annually in diversity training with next to no ROI.  We solve this problem. Put simply, our outcomes are second to none:

  • 50% of women who work with us are promoted within 6 months

  • Our clients have had to lift their 5-year women in leadership targets after working with us for just 9 months.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can deliver these outcomes for your organisation, and make a dent in our mission, together.

Our results

We are known for delivering unparalleled results in gender diversity.



Half of the women who work with us are promoted within 6 months.


All of the ASX200 companies we have worked with have increased their representation of women in senior leadership positions.


Over 125 executive teams have been transformed through our work.



Over 10,000 women have undertaken our programs.


Almost every woman rates their confidence and ability to contribute back to their organisation as significantly lifted as a result of working with us. 


Almost every participant says they are able to operate as senior leaders in their orgnisation thanks to our programs.


2 days

Just 2 days is all it takes for participants to go from rating their skills and confidence in speaking from an average of 2/10 to an average of 9/10.


Our programs have won and been nominted for several national awards including AHRI awards.


We partner with clients like Google, PayPal, AGL, Nissan, and Australia Post.


Our clients

We believe in long-term partnerships with organisations that are committed to improving their gender diversity measures. Out much-loved clients include:

Our clients will tell you that we are warm, organised, insightful, committed and fun to work with. We see ourselves as responsible for adding tremendous and unexpected value. We want your organisation to succeed, and we offer something unique: an ability to inspire women to step up, and the smarts and experience to guide leaders to embrace diversity.

Would you like to become our next client?


Our Team

Inkling Women is driven by an extraordinary team, with a mission to exceed your expectations at every turn. 
Meet us all here...

Dr Gemma Munro

CVO, Founder, Director

Sophie Hampel

CEO, Director

Kelly Segat

Head of Programs and Partnerships

Vashti Whitfield

Senior Facilitator & Executive Coach

Gemma Cunningham

Senior Facilitator & Coach

Carol Schmidt

Facilitator & Coach

Julie Lines

Facilitator & Coach

Helen Storckmeijer

Facilitator & Coach

Prue Belej

Program Manager

Sarah Gibbins

Partnerships Manager

Megan Down

Event Manager

Kira Gutowski

Office Manager

Kelly Graham-Sutton

Program Manager

Brylee McFarlane

Marketing & Partnerships Manager

Lauren Byleveld

Project Manager

Libby Morrish

Finance Manager

Laura Pharaoh

Program Manager

Katrina Cole

Brand & Marketing Manager

Georgina Gladigau

Partnerships & Program Support


Ranked by Business Review in 2015 as the number 2 organisation encouraging female professionals, Inkling Women has won multiple awards.

In 2016 we were selected to be one of 10 Australian organisations selected by KPMG to take part in Elevate61; a comprehensive program that introduces exceptional Australian businesses to the US market. This comes off the back of running global programs in the UK and Asia in 2015. We are thrilled to be taking our results, expertise and passion around the globe. We’re particularly excited to be the first ever female-run enterprise in Elevate61’s five years of operation.

In 2015 our Founder and Director Dr Gemma Munro was a finalist in the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year awards, and in 2013 we won the My Business award for Women in Business.

In 2015, Inkling Women developed Project Me; a specialised program designed to empower women in their careers with Australia Post. As a result of the success of this program, Australia Post was a finalist for the Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO Award for Gender Equity in the Workplace in the 2016 AHRI Awards.

In 2013 we won the Women in Business Award, recognising entrepreneurship, passion, dedication, achievements and contributions to the Australian community and economy.

We have appeared in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Advertiser, Marie Claire, Latte Magazine, Wellness & Prevention and SA Life. Gemma is a regular contributor to CEO Magazine, Women’s Agenda and Business Chicks.

Media enquiries:
Brylee Mcfarlane
+61 (0)403 626 161


Our story

Our current Director, Dr Gemma Munro, founded inkling Women in 2011. A management consultant at the time, Gemma kept hearing the same thing from women in coaching sessions:

"I look at the women at the top of my organisation. And I see success, yes. But I don’t see authenticity, balance or fun. I’m going to stay where I am in the organisation – I don’t think leadership is for me."

Gemma’s driving belief is that the world will be a better place when half of the most important decisions for the planet are made by women. She founded Inkling Women to help women create extraordinary lives and careers. She was determined to be a one-woman business, with perhaps a wonderful PA to assist her.

Five years later, Inkling Women is a very different beast than the business Gemma envisaged. With a vibrant and utterly fabulous team, we have trained women on every continent excepting Antarctica, and we count some of the largest organisations in the world as our clients.

In 2017 we opened our first office in Sydney, and our head office is still in lovely Adelaide (we call it ‘the little city that can’). We believe that gender diversity is the silver bullet to organisational performance, and the research backs us up. Study after study shows that businesses with larger percentages of women in leadership roles boast significantly higher profitability, market share, innovation, ROI, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

We are proud to be making a difference to organisations and the women who work in them. We believe the world will be better as the result of the work we are doing. We are passionate about our work. If you ever become a client, it’s most likely the first thing you’ll notice about us.